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Our mission is to ensure access to high quality medical care for children and young adults suffering from cancer, cystic fibrosis, and other serious and life-threatening illnesses in Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union. We do this by providing the financial support to the families of the young patients who would otherwise not be able to afford necessary medications, diagnostic and treatment procedures. We also strive to raise public awareness of the problems these seriosly ill children and adults face daily.

Help Journal is registered in the US as a non-profit 501(c) organization. It's run by volunteers and 100% of money raised goes to help our patients. All donations are tax deductible for the US tax payers.

Thank you for your support!

News and Events

December 18,2014. Your donations are regularly used towards purchasing special nutrition and vitamins for Grisha Yakunin. We also recently purchased and shipped from US to Russia spare parts for his noninvasive ventilation device.
Grisha also regularly takes courses of Zyvox antibiotic as prevention of infections, and after turning 18 he was never given this antibiotic for free. Each pack of the drug costs about $400, so we ask you to help Grisha's mother and Grisha to buy this medication!

Marina Listina is again asking us to help her cover medical and educational expenses for her son Daniel. From her letter: "It breaks my heart that I can not give him everything he needs. I want him it to become like other kids, but it does take a lot of effort and money."

We'd like to extend our gratitude to all of you who gave donations for Zhenya and Masha Reshetnikov The medical exam in Moscow showed that Masha Reshetnikov also has a cystic fibrosis complicated by pseudo-Bartter's syndrome and Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection.
Russian charities and volunteers helped with the purchase of an antibiotic to treat the infection, and both children received a six-month supply of the medication. Unfortunately, Masha still has reduced level of oxygen in her blood sometimes, so she constantly needs the oxygen concentrator and a pulse oximeter.
Zhenya still remains in critical but stable condition.

October 14,2014. Unfortunately, Eugene's little sister Maria has been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, too. She has a primarily lung form of the disease and already had pneumonia in her first year of life. Her oxygen saturation is low and she needs supplemental oxygen 24 hours a day.
Help Journal purchased a special neonatal and pediatric pulse-oximeter for Maria and Russian "" foundation got her oxygen concentrator.
We are asking our donors to help Maria and Eugene to get treatment in Moscow, Russia.

February 12,2014. Eugene Reshetnikov is struggling during this winter. He got ill again just before the New Year. He is undergoing treatment prescribed by Moscow specialists and his mother constantly keeps in touch with doctors in Moscow. Eugene's little sister, Masha, is growing and has already started babbling!
Eugene needs sponsors to purchase and deliver to Kazakhstan special vitamins Aquadecks and high-calorie nutrition not available there.

In the end of 2013 Help Journal provided Yakunins family with $500 to cover ongoing medical expenses. Thanks to all of you who helps Grisha!
We would like to remind that Grisha will soon need BiPAP machine, new inhaler, as well as constant help with expensive antibiotics.
Grisha stil needs sponsors to purchase and deliver to St. Petersburg, Russia special vitamins Aquadecks and high-calorie nutrition.

If you would like to help Eugene and Grisha, please, contact us!

February 10,2014. At the end of 2013 Vlad Brushko received $900 from Help Journal to cover expenses for medications for the current year and purchase of a new pair of glasses. Luckily, his eye-sight has not worsened, but his glasses were corrected. Vlad's mother Nelya sent us a letter.
Vlad still needs donors to purchase and deliver to Ukraine vitamins Aquadecks and high-calorie nutrition. If you would like to help Vlad, contact us!

February 3,2014. Natasha Nekrasova is doing well at the moment, we are receiving treatment and participating in rehabilitation activities. She is getting stronger, more stable on her feet.
But Natasha is unable to get into a bath on her own and she is very heavy to be lifted into it every day. Compact-bidet will make Natasha and her Mom's lives so much easier.
Our aim is to improve everyday life of our recipients, so we dearly ask you to help Natasha in this regard.

February 1,2014. As per Oleg Tambovtsev's mother Tatiana, Oleg's condition has stabilized. Denis is attending school and particularly enjoys studying English. Maria who has been sponsoring Oleg and Denis for a year now, helps the family a lot by buying and sending them to Kazakhstan high-calorie nutrition and specialized vitamins. We thank Maria dearly for her ongoing support! We are still fundraising for Oleg and Denis upcoming trip for treatment in Moscow. This time they will require inpatient treatment that will cost approximately $5000 including train tickets. This is a very large amount for our organization, so we starting fundraising in advance. Please, help Oleg and Denis!

February 1,2014. Danya Listin's mother Marina sent us the letter with detailed description of costs that she experiences with Danya's treatment and education. Here what she writes: "If there is a possibility, please, help us to pay for special education. I understand that we can live as is, but I am a Mother, I cannot give up, I need to give my boy a chance. I really want him to learn how to read one day. I wish that one day he can go for a walk independently". Danya needs $600-700 every month to cover his medical expenses and special education. Please help us raise these funds for him!

December 12, 2013. Andrew Slobodyanyuk sent us an update with his news for the past summer. See Andrew's page.

November 1, 2013. Vlad commenced first grade of school successfully. He loves his little sister, Polina, pushes her in a stroller and helps his mother. Vlad is provided with Creon from the budget of the local government, but the family is unable to afford remaining medications.
At the moment Vlad needs funding to cover the cost of necessary medications for the next year. Total amount needed is $700 for the year, additionally he heeds supplemental nutrition and vitamins monthly. You can see full list of necessary items on Vlad's page. Please help Vlad in the upcoming year!

October 5, 2013. Eugene Reshetnikov's Mum sent us a letter.

Many news, some are good and some not so. Eugene has been sick a lot since spring. He had bronchitis and pneumonia several times. Due to the acute illness Eugene lost significant amount of weight which for a child with cystic fibrosis is extremely difficult to gain back. Eugene has to start taking extra high in calories nutrition and special vitamins Aquadeks. His eight' birthday Eugene spent receiving continuous IV infusion. He was very upset and was verbalizing his disappointment: "Why is it happening, it is my birthday today, and I feel so bad?"

And the good news is that Eugene's mother Valeria has delivered a healthy baby girl on October 30th! Also despite his sickness Eugene started school this year. Unfortunately, if he continues get sick often, Eugene will have to be home-schooled.

To correct his treatment regimen Eugene goes to Moscow regularly with his mother. But due to the birth of the little sister they are unable to travel at the moment, so Valeria is trying to treat Eugene at home consulting with specialists in Moscow via telephone. Eugene has all necessary medications, but the family will very appreciate help in buying specialized nutrition and vitamin for Eugene. Those are not available in Kazakhstan and family cannot go to Moscow now.

Please, feel free to send us an e-mail on, and we will tell you how you can help Eugene!

October 5, 2013. Our heartfelt thanks go to all who have helped to raise money for a wheelchair for Zhenya Moiseeva. Please, forgive us for taking a long time to post an update, but here it is: a wheelchair for Zhenya was purchased in July. Zhenya and her Mom spent the rest of the summer in Poland, where Zhenya was undergoing physical therapy. They sent us photos of Zhenya in her new chair.

Zhenya has fully mastered her new wheelchair. Here’s what her Mom Marina wrote: “I would like to express my gratitude to the Help Journal for your help. It is very important for Zhenya to be able to get around on her own, even if it is still in a wheelchair. Now Zhenya is very mobile. When her legs get tired, she can still move around in a wheelchair, and can even “run around” outside with her friends. Thank you!”

August 30, 2013. Thanks to the help from our donors, Oleg and Denis Tambovcev were able to go to Moscow for tests and treatment. Unfortunately, the tests show that Oleg's health is deteriorating quickly. Once again, we need to raise money for his treatment in Moscow. This time, he will need a longer stay in the hospital as he needs IV antibiotics and extensive testing that can be only done in the hospital. The estimated cost of treatment is 93,000 Rubles, or close to $2,900. In addition, it is likely that based on the test results doctors will prescribe new medications that might not available in Kazakhstan. They also need $800 for the train tickets for Oleg and his Mom. The family hopes to be able to cover the cost of tickets themselves, they have started saving up money. But they are counting on your help to cover the other costs. We can send the break-down of the estimate in case someone would like to see it. Please, help Oleg get the treatment he needs.

July 7, 2013. Dear friends,

We apologize for not updating our website as frequently as we would like to. The Help Journal is run by volunteers, and we all work and raise families. We would like to keep you informed about our fundraising efforts and about health of the children and young adults we are helping, and strive to update this site at least once a month. But unfortunately, life often gets in the way.

We would like to assure you, though, that our efforts in helping the sick children and young adults never stop. We are always in touch with them and their families. If you would like to know how any of them are doing, and you haven’t seen updates in a while, it probably means we haven’t had a chance to post updates. Likewise, we keep all records of the money raised and spent. If you have questions about our fundraising efforts or our young patients, please write to us at or

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Volunteers of the Help Journal.

July 7, 2013. We thank everyone who has donated money for Andrew Slobodyanyuk. In June, we have transferred $1,000 to him to help cover the cost of antibiotics for the latest treatment course. Andrew raised most of teh funds himself but without our help he couldn’t get the complete required course. Now Andrew needs specialized nutrition ScandiShake and vitamins. If you or someone you know are flying to Ukraine and can take a small package with nutrition and vitamins for Andrew, please let us know. Overall, Andrew is doing well now but hot summer is always a difficult time for anyone suffering from cystic fibrosis. In the meanwhile, Andrew continues his search for European or North American hospital that would accept him for a lung transplant.

July 7, 2013. We thank everyone who has been helping Serezha Sukhodubov. Thanks to your donations, Serezha was able to go for his bi-annual check-up and treatment in Moscow. Right after his hospital stay, Serezha and his Mom were invited by friends to a camping trip. Fresh air is essential for kids suffering from cystic fibrosis, and we are very happy he was able to enjoy some time outdoors. Serezha lost some weight in the hospital but now he has gained it back and is feeling well. He continues inhalation therapy with antibiotics that they brought back from Moscow. Volunteers of the group “Kislorod” ( supplied Serezha with medications he needs for his lungs and digestive system, such as pulmozyme, fluomycin , creon and vitamins. Thanks to this last trip to Moscow, Serezha’s doctors were able to catch some complications of his condition in time and begin treatment immediately. They also adjusted the dosage for the medications he takes daily. Serezha’s Mom is thankful to everyone who is helping them. Right now, Serezha needs new nebulizer, and we need to raise ~$400 to purchase it.

July 7, 2013. We are grateful to everyone with has helped send brothers Oleg and Denis Tambovcev for check-up and treatment to Moscow this past May. Unfortunately, the tests showed that Oleg’s condition deteriorated. He has pain in his liver and needs daily treatment with inhaled antibiotic tobramycin. On April 27, Oleg turned 13 years old. He has been saving money for his dream - a bicycle - for some time, and his dream came true!

July 7, 2013. We have good news to report about Vlad Brushko. Vlad traveled to St. Petersburg for tests, and there he was fitted for a hearing aid. Now Vlad can start school in September! As he said himself: “Mom, can you imagine, they put this device in my ear, and I could hear everything doctor said! Can you imagine?”

According to MRI, Vlad has no changes in his brain, so the hearing loss is just a reaction to the antibiotics. He also has chronic sinusitis. Thanks to the volunteers in Moscow, Ukraine and the US, Vlad now has a new nebulizer which is helping him breeze better. Vlad’s Mom thanks everyone who helped pay for his hearing aid.

July 7, 2013.Condition of Grisha Yakunin remains stable. Recently, he has traveled to Kislovodsk for treatment and rest. Grisha was able to take his portable oxygen concentrator on a flight with him and use it when his blood oxygen level was too low. Thanks to the Help Journal donors, he can even travel now!

March 27, 2013. Brothers Oleg and Denis Tambovcev again need our help with paying for their planned hospitalization in cystic fibrosis clinic in Moscow. Their bill for the hospital stay and tests will be at least $2,500. Here’s what the boys’ Mom Tatiana writes: “Our life is a constant battle. We have to be in Moscow on May 23 for a planned hospital visit. Since we’ve got a confirmation from Moscow, I have been contacting our authorities as well as local charities, and no one is willing to help. I am losing hope as I see all doors closing before me. And if we can’t find the money to take our children to see the specialists, I am not sure what will happen. When Oleg is sick, the doctors in our town don’t even want to see him. They have one answer – we don’t know what to do, call Moscow…”

One of our regular donors promised one third of the needed sum, so we need to raise $1,500 for the boys. The family needs $1,000 more for the transportation but they are hoping to save enough money for the ticket by May.

Oleg is an excellent student and he wishes to study abroad once he graduates from school. He works really hard towards his dream, and tells us that he is doing very well in his English classes. We only hope he stays healthy enough to pursue all his dreams. Thanks to the specialized nutrition and vitamins that our donors were able to send to Kazakhstan, Oleg’s appetite improved and he is eating better. His little brother Denis is now working with a speech therapist and getting ready to start school in September. He is generally feeling well, except occasionally he gets stomach aches. Please, help Oleg and Denis continue getting treatment they need!

March 27, 2013. Dear friends, once again we urgently need to raise funds to pay for a hospitalization in specialized clinic in Moscow for Serezha Sukhodubov. Serezha’s condition has been stable due to regular trips to a cystic fibrosis clinic in Moscow Children’s Health Center. Unfortunately, doctors in a town where Serezha lives lack knowledge of cystic fibrosis and experience in modern treatment protocols. As his Mom Oksana told us, at his recent check-up in a local hospital a chief pediatrician admitted that she did not know that children like Serezha often have difficulty breathing and gastro-intestinal problems. Also, Serezha is not getting almost any necessary medications in his home town. Serezha’s Mom is constantly writing to the health department trying to get the medications that Serezha is supposed to be getting for free. In the meanwhile, she has to pay for all medications, including Creon, antibiotics and medications for Serezha’s liver disease. Now it is time for another trip to Moscow, to have all necessary tests and treatment course with IV antibiotics. It is vitally important to catch any complications before they wreak havoc on Serezha’s health. His Mom is asking for help in paying for the hospital stay, medications and specialized nutrition. Unfortunately, the cost of a hospital stay has recently increased, and now we need to raise around $3,000. Please, help Serezha!

March 27, 2013. Eugene Reshetnikov is doing well. In August, he was hospitalized twice with pneumonia but now he is feeling better. He also has great news to share with us – in September he started going to school. He is not able to attend school every day, and studies at home when he is not feeling well. Teachers are very happy with Eugene, he is a very good student and even has already won some awards. His Mom Valeria stays in touch with doctors in Moscow and consults with them regarding Eugene’s treatment. Doctors believe that there is no need for him to come to Moscow in the near future. The family is able to order from Russia all necessary medications that are not available in Kazakhstan. We are staying in touch with Eugene’s family. We hope he continues to feel well and do well in school, and we will keep you updated.

March 27, 2013. Once again, we need to urgently raise money for Vlad Brushko. As a side effect of one of the antibiotics Vlad was taking for his lung infection, he has almost lost his hearing. He needs a hearing aid, and his family wants to take him to St. Petersburg, Russia to get tested and fitted for a hearing aid. Officially, Vlad should get free tests and treatment in Kiev as a Ukrainian citizen. Unofficially, though, hospital in Kiev is underfunded, and family was asked to pay a significant sum of money for even basic tests, which the hospital can claim as a donation. Also, while the hearing aids are available in Kiev, they are cost more there compared to St. Petersburg as well. Therefore, we agree with Vlad’s family that it would be preferable to send the boy to Russia for tests and fitting for a hearing aid. Vlad is starting school this year, and it is critical that he gets a hearing aid as soon as possible. We need approximately $7,000, of them $6,000 for the device itself, $600 for the necessary tests and fitting, and $400 for airfare, as Vlad’s health is too fragile now for a travel by train. Please, help Vlad hear again so he can learn!

March 27, 2013. Grisha Yakunin is doing quite well. Thanks to the timely treatment and hospitalizations, he was able to avoid serious complications during 2012. He also had a one and a half months long vacation in the countryside this summer, which was possible only because Grisha has a portable oxygen concentrator that we have purchased for him thanks to your generous donations. Of course, Grisha still has many health problems. During the past year, he grew by 4 cm but failed to gain weight. As a result, he is now in the hospital getting nutrition through a feeding tube. His condition is stable but he will likely stay in the hospital for a while longer. To help Grisha gain weight, he needs Scandishake for diabetics. He is also almost out of specialized vitamins. Please, help us purchase specialized nutrition and vitamins for Grisha. Ideally, we would like to find someone who would be willing to help Grisha with nutrition and vitamins on a continuous basis. Please, contact us if you would like to help. Thank you!

March 27, 2013.We have very good news to share about Natasha Nekrasova. On March 11, Natasha finally received her new specialized stroller. Natasha and her Mom are very happy. The stroller is very comfortable; it folds easily, and is of just the right height. It’s very convenient for travel so they can easlity take it with them when Mom takes Natasha for physical therapy. The stroller should easily accommodate Natasha even when she grows up. Overall, Natasha is doing well. She has just returned home from a course of treatment and she feels well. We wish we could have shared the good news earlier but the family’s camera was broken and they wanted to send us some pictures of Natasha doing physical therapy and using her new stroller.

February 18, 2013. Andrew Slobodyanyuk needs our help purchasing medications. Doctors in Moscow recommend that soon he should have a 21-day-long course of treatment with antibiotics. They suggest either a combination of Meronem and Amikacin (total cost of $5260) or a combination of Fortum and Amikacin (total cost of $2440). At the same time, Andrew is using social networking sites to raise money to purchase Tobramycin for inhalation therapy that he constantly needs. Without our help, he wold not get the treatment he needs. Please, help Andrew!

February 18, 2013. The Help Journal has two active programs helping patients with cystic fibrosis, supplying specialized nutrition Scandishake and pulse oximeters to children and young adults in need. Please, visit our Programs page to see how you can help either with purchasing Scandishake and pulse oximeters, or delivering them to patients in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.

January 27, 2013 Dear friends, we are asking you to help 6-year-old Zhenya (Eugenia) Moiseeva from Kaliningrad. As a result of a complicated birth, Zhenya has cerebral palsy. She can’t walk, but thanks to the efforts of her parents, her physicians and Zhenya herself, her condition has been steadily improving. However, walking without support is still impossible for her. For active life, she needs a new wheelchair, which costs 7056 Polish zlotys (about 70,560 roubles, or a little less than $2400). Please help Zhenya gain mobility!

January 6, 2013 Anna from Australia sent 10,000 Rubles ($340) to Tambovcev family, and they used the money to buy medications for the boys: berodual, lasolvan, chophytol, karsil, hepabene. Oleg was treated with antibiotic Ceftazimidine, and he is feelling much better despite a poor appetite and low energy. Denis feels well, too, and is getting ready for school next year. Both boys, and especially Oleg, need vitamins, but unfortunately, they ran out of them in August. They also need ScandiShake, as they only have a three week supply left. Oleg and Denis with all of you a Merry Christmas!

January 5, 2013 Mom of Vlad Brushko contacted us while Vladik was at the Moscow hospital. This hospital admission turned out very difficult for the family, and not only due to sudden and unexpected increase in costs. t turned out, Vlad has serious problems with his hearing, which is likely a side-effect of the antibiotics he took last year. He has significant hearing loss on both sides, and doctors say he will not be able to attend school without a hearing aid. Now Vlad’s Mom is looking for a suitable hearing aid in Kiev, and we are not sure yet how much it will cost. In Moscow, hearing aids for children cost around 20,000 Rubles (almost $700). In any case, Brushko family will likely need our help paying for the hearing aid. To make matters worse, Vlad has bronchitis now, and has to take antibiotics. Vlad’s Mom is very grateful to all who are helping their family in this difficult time.

January 4, 2013 Maria, Mom of Veronika Sorokina, sent us a letter: “ Gait trainer is working well, it is very comfortable and easy to use. Veronika needs to stand and walk, and she can’t do it without this device. Recently, Veronika had myotomy, a surgery to relieve tension in muscles. For one month after surgery she was recovering, and now she needs to work even harder to stretch her muscles and move. Thank you very much! Your help has been wonderful, without it we could never afford the gait trainer. Now our biggest difficulties are in socialization. Government does nothing, and kids who can’t work are not accepted anywhere, even in schools. I feel helpless. I just lost my job as I was taking too many sick days to care for Veronika. It is very difficult for me to adapt to being unemployed.”

January 3, 2013 We’ve learnt that situation is very hard in the family of Angelina and Kristina Fedorov. Girls’ Dad no longer lives with them, and the girls’s disability benefits are the only source of income for the family. They received an apartment but it’s in a very poor condition, with no heating. Girls’ Mom is not complaining and is doing her best. She has prepared home-made food preserves for winter, and says that they have enough to eat. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been able to afford rehabilitation and physical therapy for the girls.

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