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Benefit concert in Edmonton, Alberta

Our first ever fundraising event in Canada finally took place, and it was a great success! During a Help Jounral Benefit Concert in Edmonton, Alberta on March 27, 2011 we have raised $3878 CAD, which will cover part of the costs for the latest rounds of treatment for four children: Serezha Sukhodubov, Eugene Reshetnikov, Angelina and Kristina Fedorov. We are grateful to all the dancers and musicians who took time out of their busy schedules to come and perform at the concert, to artists who donated their works to our silent auction, and sponsors who provided gift baskets and gift certificates, to our wonderful cooks and sponsors who provided delicious desserts and appetizers, for volunteers who helped us every step of the way. We want to thank all those who came to the event, brought their friends and families and supported the children by their kind donations. We are particularly thankful to Edmonton Russian Recreation Club for their generosity. And of course, this event would have never happened if not for two people who helped organize, prepare and promote it in the Edmonton community - Kate Martyniuok (in the picture of volunteers and performers, first on the right) and Galina Bogatyrevich (fifth on the left). Thank you!

It is this kindness of strangers that brings much needed relief to families in need. I believe, you will be happy to know that the Help Journal was able to cover the travel expenses and the cost of the stay in specialized Moscow clinic for Serezha Sukhodubov, who arrived in Moscow last week with his Mom. Next week, Eugene Reshetnikov will be coming to the same clinic for his bi-annual check-up ad treatment, and now have sufficient funds to cover his treatment. Finally, sisters Angelina and Kristina have arrived in Truskavets clinic and started their second round of rehabilitation therapy which will hopefully bring them one step closer to fullfilling their dream of one day walking to school. The Help Journal was able to contribute $4000 to the total 5500 Euro cost of treatement for them. Please, check our website and the children's pages soon - the news updates and new pictures are coming! Thank you! (Lyuba Titova, Help Journal volunteer, Edmonton (Canada)).

For making this evening a reality, we would like to thank our performers:

Elena Sinelnikova and Jim Deglau (Elite Dance Studio), Alexandra Vasilevska and her students Madyson Hobbs and Smith Hanson, Sandy Hobbs, Jordan Kaminski (U22 Productions), Olga Goultiaeva and Shaylen Naidoo (Elite Dance Studio), Emma Oskin and Shirli Choir, Michelle Pavzner and Tanner Ladi (Elite Dance Studio), Natasha Hontar and Sergei Kuflevskiy,

and our sponsors, who kindly provided items for the silent auction and delicious treats for the intermission, and those, who kindly donated funds for the children we are supporting:

Oksana Zhelisko, Igor Postash, Arina Baranova, Nataliya Bukhanova, Raynelle Paramonova, Nellya and Vladimir Paramonov, Elena Markovich (La Poire), Tatiana Kostina, Kate Martyniouk, Nataliya Teplova, BGR Security, Capital Engineering, Edmonton Russian Recreation Club, Mundare Sausage House, Andrew Sementchev (Link Beam Photo), Mihal and Galina Bogatyrevich, Marina Medvedeva (Marina's Cuisine), Irina Goultiaeva, European Market and Deli, European Deli and Russian Books, Tatiana Uritsky.

We are also grateful to our volunteers who contributed their time and efforts to make Benefit Concert a success:

Galina Bogatyrevich, Kate Martyniouk, Lyuba Titova, Sergei Kuflevskiy, Tatiana Kostina, Mihal Bogatyrevich, Stepan Grinek, Vitalij Motuz, Iana Dogel, Stas Dogel, Artur Teymurazyan, Natasha Hontar,Sviatlana Walton, Christine Liu, Igor Surnin, Tatiana Uritsky, Dima Utkin.

And now, a much anticipated report about the concert:

Elmwood Community Hall, kindly provided to us free of charge by Elmwood Community League, was artfully decorted with the balloon sculptures by Tatiana Kostina and her young helpers. The evening started with the short intruduction to The Help Journal and the the children we are currently supporting. Then, our MC Sergei Kuflevskiy introduced the first performers: young talented violinist Madyson Hobbs, as well as her teacher Alexandra Vasilevska both performed in the 1st Act, accompanied by pianist Sandy Hobbs.

In the same Act, audience enjoyed a sensual rumba and a lively jive by Olga Goultiaeva and Shaylen Naidoo from the Elite Dance Ballroom studio.

During the intermissions, our audience enjoyed the delicious treats, including pastries by Elena Markovich of La Poire and Marina Medvedeva of Marina's Cuisine, cheese-filled crepes prepared by Mihal and Galina Bogatyrevich, and assortement of appetizers kindly provided by the Polish Deli, European Market and Deli, and European Deli and Bookstore. At the same time, our silent auction began, which included paintings by Edmonton's artists Oksana Zhelisko, Igor Postash, Natalia Bukhanova, Raynelle Paramonova and Arina Baranova, custom jewelry by Nellya and Vladimir Paramonov, as well as gift baskets and gift certificates provided by our sponsors. While our guests browsed the auction items, Alexandra Vasilevska and her student Smith Hanson played violin duets.

The 2nd Act started with a cheerful performance by the Shirli Choir from Talmud Torah Jewish school conducted by Emma Oskin. The Choir performed four songs in three different languages - English, Hebrew and Russian. Next, two more young performers took the floor: Michelle Pavzner and Tanner Ladi from Elite Dance Ballroom Studio captured everyones's hearts with their performances of cha-cha and jive. The program continued with the performances of the young pianist from Sherwood Park Natasha Hontar and finally - Edmonton singer and songwriter Jordan Kaminski from U22 Productions.

In the 3d Act, we all enjoyed more original songs by Jordan Kaminski, as well as the captivating performance of Katiusha and other songs by our MC, Sergei Kuflevskiy. And of course, it was a real treat to watch a performance of the two-time Canadian ballroom champions, Elena Sinelnikova and Jim Deglau, who took the time from their busy schedules in preparation of the World Championship in April to come and support our cause.



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Article in Alberta Russian Language Newspaper "Koleso" by Kate Martyniuok (February 2011, issue 54).

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