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Anna Soboleva

In 2007, Anna Soboleva was in her junior year at university, full of hopes for the future, dreaming about landing an exciting new job after graduation. Unfortunately, a frightening diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia turned the world of this cheerful 18-year old upside down. Since then, her life became a string of victories and setbacks in her courageous fight against the disease. She celebrated New Years Eve, and then her birthday, in the hospital, undergoing chemotherapy. Despite pain and fatigue, Anna refused to put her studies on hold and kept on studying in the hospital and taking tests during her short releases from the hospital between chemo rounds.

For a short while, disease retreated but in 2009 Anna, now 20 years old, learned that leukemia has returned. Right now, she received chemotherapy at the hospital in St.Petersburg, Russia. Her doctors believed that her best hope of recovery was unrelated bone marrow transplant. A matching donor was found in German bone marrow donor registry. But the total cost of the donor activation and transporting bone marrow from Germany to St.Petersburg is 17,500.00 Euros, and it is not covered by the state. Anna’s family and friends, with the help of our several charitable foundations including Advita and the Help Journal, have raised the needed sum and Anna received a transplant on October 2.

After the transplant, Anna suffered from sever form of graft-vs-host disease. Sadly, on December 30, 2009 the life of this courageous young woman was cut short. We will always treasure Anya's memory.

To see more of Anna's photos, please visit Anna's page on Avdita's website.


December 30, 2009. Sadly, Anna lost her courageous battle today. We will always keep her memory in our hearts. Our thought and prayers go out to Anya's family.

December 11, 2009. Anna is out if intensive care unit and feeling better. Graft-versus-host disease appears to be under control but the danger of infections persists. Anna still needs Vfend and other medications. Please, continue to support Anna on her way to recovery!

November 25, 2009. Anna has severe form of graft-versus-host disease, a complication of the bone marrow transplant. She is hospitalized in the intensive care unit. Her parents need help purchasing medications she urgently needs, Albumin and Vfend. Please help Anna battle her condition!


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